1. Tomorrow

From the recording Scarce (2006)

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(capo 2)
I am a quiet person, and always have been. I don’t care for noise in most any form. The world, over the past few years, has become far too loud: wars, bombings, frivolous lawsuits, irresponsibility, unnecessary death, decay, and enough injustice through it all to discourage more than a few sane minds. I try to avoid the newspapers or television because I inevitably am left in a state of agitation and grief. The imagined future is frightening enough without the actual, visual reminders.

I really struggle to let tomorrow take care of itself, and over the long haul that spells f-e-a-r. There it is, the theme of doubt I mentioned earlier. I see the events of today and I want little or nothing to do with them, hoping instead for a quieter, more peaceful tomorrow. Escapist mentality? Probably. Hopeful of what may be around the next bend? Definitely.

The album title came from a line in this song. It was written on Jan. 7, 2004. Ben Shive’s piano playing leads the way on this unassuming song of pause.


(Eric Peters)

wake me up when today is over
for I cannot bear the noise
put me to sleep in silent whispers
inside of God’s own voice
is this the feeling of redemption
or the shoulders of despair?
and since I fear tomorrow
please come and meet me there

angel of tomorrow
say a prayer tonight
when I find myself alone
afraid of being known
and holding on for life

like a dream that comes to haunt you
and there’s nowhere left to hide
God, collect the tears like water
and turn them into wine
after all the noise is gone
like prayers left to die
I scarce can take it in, so where do I begin
to trust you with my life?

angel of tomorrow
please, say a prayer tonight
when we find ourselves alone
afraid of being known
and holding on for life

it’s a paralyzing fear
cold to the touch yet so sincere