My family and I live in a delightful 1925 cottage in a wonderfully eclectic part of Nashville. We absolutely adore our small plot on earth, and are graced beyond measure or deserving. We have food to eat, a dry roof over our heads, cozy beds, our health, toothpaste, and an army of deep, meaningful friendships with people who love us no matter what. Though not without its trials, it is a good life. As a husband and father, I am admittedly uncomfortable asking for any support whatsoever, so please don't see me as charity; that's not my intent.

I created this patronage platform for folks who have expressed interest in supporting my music and art career beyond that of buying my CDs, paintings, and various merchandise. If my body of work has been meaningful to you over the years, then perhaps you count yourself among this small group of willing patrons. Thank you.

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