Earth Has No Sorrow: A Hymns Project

Thanks to every single one of you for fully funding my hymns project, Earth Has No Sorrow. I don't remember the specifics of the Kickstarter campaign since life was a blur then, but I'm pretty sure y'all funded it completely the week of the March 3 tornado that hit our home (along with so many others). In the moment, the campaign was honestly distant in my mind, and frankly, I forgot it was even happening, what with all the chaos and trauma and unrealness of the experience. But when I saw that it went way over the top that week, it A) was a load off my mind, and B) reminded me how lucky I am to have such friends and fans such as you. It may be cliché by now, but the truth is that, as an independent act, there is no way I could keep making albums and art without your support over the last year or twenty years.

Thank you for supporting me and my family in this very tangible way. If you were a Kickstarter patron, you should have the digital album in your inbox by now. I will be pressing a few CDs (yes, you can still do this in 2020).



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Far Side of the Sea: Book Reissue

When I wrote and recorded my latest studio album, Far Side Of The Sea (2016), I also created a companion book, Far Side Of The Sea: A Photographic Memory to accompany it. A work of original photographs and vignettes, I wrote it to accentuate and shed light on some of the subject matter of the songs, and vice versa. In collaboration with Rabbit Room Press, I am pleased to announce the reissued book in this hardcover format. 8 x 8 in., B/W photos on 70lb. matte paper.

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Far Side Of The Sea - Top 11 Albums Of 2016

Far Side Of The Sea was voted #4 on Under The Radar's Top 11 Gourmet Albums of 2016. Click HERE to view the Top 11.

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