From the recording Scarce (2006)

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(capo 2)
Written May 8, 2003 – Aug. 10, 2003. This recorded version is, in my opinion, altogether different than the laid back, purely acoustic rendering which previously existed on Bookmark. This song was always meant to have a band behind it. The bluesy hue of Mollie Garrigan’s voice lends a rich and welcome timbre to the song, which further concretes in my mind the gaping difference between merely having a “pretty voice”, and knowing how to sing.

In Birmingham, AL, I worked a few years, off and on, for my friend David the Carpenter. At one point, there were three other Davids employed there. We used to meet early on Wednesday mornings to talk, read some words of hope and wisdom, and pray for one another. One particular morning, three of the four Davids happened to be sitting in the only wooden church pew in the room, and they all had some fairly major issues going on in their lives. From that morning’s experience, I began writing the words, “You’re a pew full of days, and you see the mess I’ve made…”


In The Meantime
(Eric Peters)

you’re a pew full of days
and you see the mess I’ve made
I never knew you girl
without the weight of the world

I’ve gone and changed my mind
for the final, hundredth time
what good are these defenses
if love is so relentless

you can change your mind
in the twinkling of an eye
you can change your heart
in the meantime

you learn to win and you learn to lose some
but this has the trappings of a new one
you never finish what you started
love’s just a word that you outsmarted

so, who am I to blame you
I’m just a stepchild in an otherwise guilty room
I barely even recognize myself
now I’m a second-rate loser who looks like somebody else

you can change your mind
in the twinkling of an eye
you can change your heart
in the meantime, in the meantime