1. Radiate

From the recording Scarce (2006)

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(slack tuned = DGCFAD)
I wrote the vast majority of this song on Nov. 8, 2002, and then I put it on the back burner when I was unable to settle on lyrics for the chorus and an overall arrangement. I admittedly tend to take such actions if a song doesn’t materialize right away. But I tried not to dismiss it even though I was writing and recording songs for another album at the time (Miracle of Forgetting).

In the initial stage of demoing songs (Vermont, fall 2004) for what was to eventually become Scarce (2006), I failed to include this song in those early demos on the grounds that I simply forgot I had written it (one of my finer “Pappy” moments). In one of my first pre-production meetings with producer Brent (Milligan) I finally remembered to play him this song, or at least the rough sketch I had, and he immediately was enthused enough to begin working on it as he felt it had some potential.

This is a song about the fulfillment of dreams. Like so many others I’ve written, this song came out of a stretch of time where I was having serious doubts about continuing to pursue my aspirations in a career of music. No guarantees, a noticeable lack of consistent income, and no safety net to cushion the fall bodes harshly upon believing skeptics such as myself. But, ironically, it’s in the quagmire of such dogged doubt where trust finds its most fertile and high-yielding soil. Trust and doubt, you see, are not necessarily polar opposites as we are taught and made to believe. More like brother and sister than friend and enemy, faith exists because doubt exists. And if you listen closely, the topic of doubt runs a rather large thread throughout this entire album. It begins here.


(Eric Peters)

one of these days I’m gonna shed my skin
become somebody who I might have been
look outside and jump right back in
the very next day

like a radio song stuck in my brain
another trip down my memory lane
you can leave me here but don’t leave me the same
and fly away, fly far, far away

every single breath I take
every moment I’m awake

as I grow up I want to smile at doubt
and look back here where it all came out
I learned what it was all about
it was clear as day

I’ve always been one to hold things back
never could shake the dreams I lacked
now I see that they’ve all been sacked
and slip away, they slip far, far away

every single breath I take
every moment I’m awake