1. Run Down

From the recording Chrome (2009)

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Based on Richard Adams’ 1972 novel, Watership Down.


Run Down
(Eric Peters, Ben Shive)

Chased from the rushes
Where it’s tangled and dark
It’s not quite home
But you’ve made it such

Weak, tired and hunted
Hounds at your heels
The smell of virgin freedom
Unsure of how it feels

Out in the open you breathe freedom clean
It’s nothing like you’ve felt and nothing like you’ve seen

At the Run Down, Run Down, Run Down

The hazel in your eyes
The slowness of your gait
We reveal ourselves
In so many, many small ways

Just beyond the arbor
Through the thicket breast
There lies the run down
Where the weary rest

Out in the open the moon your only light
Stars lay scattered beneath a huddled mass of quiet

At the Run Down, Run Down, Run Down

A little less certain, a sound, and then you bolt
For the burdened and the weary are the ones who find their home
At the Run Down

Run Down, Run Down, Run Down