Written in 2008 at the urging of my wife, who first introduced me to the poetry of Naomi Shihab Nye. Smitten by her brilliantly simple prose, I basically plagiarized Mrs. Nye’s poem, putting it to music. This was the second of the two aforementioned MTSU song demos, and though I liked this version, overall it felt a bit heavy-handed, especially for inclusion on Chrome (2009). I wound up re-recording this song with producer Ben Shive in 2008/09.

After recording the album version, I felt very guiltry for not having asked Mrs. Nye’s permission to turn her wonderful poem into an eccentric song in which I compared life as an artist with an onion. I mailed Mrs. Nye a copy of the CD and a handwritten letter, begging her grace and forgiveness. She was kind enough to reply, expressing her joy at what I'd come up with. I remain glad for not only her poetry, but for her edification and blessing on the existence of my art.