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11”x 14” art print on 180 lb bright white premium matte paper, custom trimmed.

Our historic neighborhood in east Nashville will never look the same after the March 3, 2020 F-3 tornado that came through. Besides the nearly 100-year-old homes that were destroyed or had to be torn down, the image that was, and still is, the most difficult for Danielle and I is the opening of the horizon line. Dozens of trees, possibly hundreds, if not felled by the 150+ mph winds, had to be taken down due to their devastation. The horizon line around our home, once a lush and confining background, became wide open overnight. Nearly two years later, it remains a shocking and disappointing sight. One of the prerequisites in our home search nearly two decades ago was the presence of tall, old trees. East Nashville, located two miles from downtown, checked that box with trees in abundance. So many of our immediate neighbors also found themselves without a home, or a severely damaged one that night. As the days and weeks passed, we got to know our neighbors better, and as we shared survival stories of that experience, we marveled at one another with a similar refrain, "How are you still alive??" We're still standing.

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