Reckless Loan of Life
  • Reckless Loan of Life
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Acrylic on wood board. 9.25 x 18.5 in.

We have been given much, and much has been taken this year. On March 3, 2020, the tornado that decimated so much of Nashville and vicinity, our home in east Nashville, along with so many of our neighbors, was destroyed. My family and I were in the house when it happened, but we never made it to the basement in time. We rushed to our son's rooms where I covered my youngest just as the windows exploded inward, not three feet from our heads. After 10 seconds of a chaotic pandemonium I've never experienced and hope never to again, we walked out with our lives. In the midst of utter destruction, life is far and away your most cherished "possession." The life we have is a loan; by God, by time, by the earth and stars. It is a reckless gift.

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